One-on-One Counselling

The most important service we provide is one-on-one counselling to our clients. These sessions are customized to your needs so that you get the support, help, and information to help you cope with the trauma, make decisions about legal action, make a recovery plan, and start the healing process. You can ask for help anytime you need it from immediately after an assault (including harassment) to long after.

To book an appointment

  1. Call our office at (807) 345-0894 (or toll-free at 1-866-311-5927).
  2. You will speak with an Intake/Crisis Worker who will ask basic questions and assess your immediate needs. You can ask your own questions at this point about our services, what to expect, etc.
  3. Next, a comprehensive Intake Assessment will be scheduled with you and an Intake/Crisis Worker to further assess your service needs.
  4. After the Intake Assessment is completed, within a week, you will be assigned to a counsellor. In the first session, the counsellor will review the Intake Assessment including your service needs and expectations and together develop your individualized service counselling plan. If there are other community services available that will meet your needs, we will refer you to the appropriate agency.

All calls and appointments are confidential. In most cases, counselling can be done anonymously, though we may ask for your Health Card in certain circumstances (we will discuss this with you ahead of time).

We also provide support to (non-offending) partners, parents, and family members. We do not provide counselling for offenders, though we can provide referrals to the appropriate agencies.